Im in the process of looking for another guitar so i went to guitar center and played an american tele, through a blues jr nos and it blew me away. then i played a standard that seemed to be built as good as the american and it was amazing also. then i thought to try and hss strat, and i tried 2 and they sucked in comparison. epiphone custom sucked also. does anyone else find the tele more versitile and a better deal than whats out there.
Yes, get a Tele.

Fantastic guitars, in my opinion. Of course, it all depends on your playing style and tastes.
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Man that's badass.

the American Deluxe Ash Tele is the best guitar i've ever played
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I love Telecasters. I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a good guitar that can handle nice cleans. Not super versatile, (strats are more versatile) but great guitars nonetheless.
American Tele all the way - it's incredibly versatile and it's got a truly amazing sound...
American Tele - what they may lack in versatility they more than make up for with awesome tone and playability. My stock Am Std Tele is my #1 player - it never disappoints!

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I'd say so. But I love my Crappy Epi SG to death. but yeah the Telecaster is awesome, amazing how heavy you can make it sound.

How heavy you ask?
Like the weight of the world I say, or at least gravity's mother's leering eye.
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whoa, teles look alot different when they are lefty like they dont look like the same guitar.

Try a lefty LP, those are crazy
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Tele's are great for cleans, overdriven to a nice crunch they're great, however, I think for high-gain distortion they are not ideal. They feel great... anything else feels average, like a toy and uncomfortable after playing one, even though I played one for about an hour or two.
i am gona get the american standard in butterscotch blonde. ive had my eye on one since i started playing. The neck is so nice and thick compared to the strat.
I say go for it. I think teles are versatile because in one hand, I can get great blues and jazz sound on the neck pickup, and it's great for solos, gilmour solos and also classic solos like hotel california. On the bridge pickup, I can get awesome zeppelin sound, really really good. It' one of my favorite sounds. And with full gain dist it can do shred really good (I don't play shred, though). With full gain fuzz (fulltone 69, fuzz face circuit), it sounds crazy. like a full gain fuzz face should sound.

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^i agree, its beauteful and practicly made for my style music. as to the weight i dont notice cause my current guitar is bout 10 lbs
Teles are all different weights depending on make and wood etc. You can get some insanely heavy ones comparable to LPs and some nice light ones like a strat.

I think they are more versatile than a strat. Instead of 5 positions you get 3 amazing positions. bridge is grea and bright for overdiven solos, middle is like a fat humbucker-y sound for some nice rhythm, and the neck is creamy and smooth for arpeggioation.

Not to mention they look great.