Hey guys,

Short and sweet. Lets say, on guitar im playing a D. Now to my horn players which are a Tenor Sax and Trombone, is that a C? And if possible, apply the same example but with an Alto Sax.

you guys are life savers.
tenor sax is Bb
so when its playing a C its actually playing a Bb, everything is 2 halfsteps lower
so, if you're playing D, he would have to play E to what I understand

alto sax is Eb, everything sounds a major sixth lower (which is basically a minor third higher, since I don't like working with 6ths)
when it play C its actually playing Eb
so for it to play D it'd actually have to play B

trombone is in C to what I understand (and I played the thing for 2 years! ) so no issues there (however, it is occasionally in Bb, haven't figured out the how and why of that...)

edit: heres a little chart

might come in handy
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