i have spent ages trying to find the cheapest place to get strings. so far the cheapest i have found strings is ernie ball strings in a set of 3 for £12 on Axesrus.

Where do you guys get your strings and do you know if there is anywhere cheaper?
Does it matter? Just go to your local music store and buy strings.
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Does it matter? Just go to your local music store and buy strings.

i have a fair few guitars to restring and not much money, trying to save for a new amp too. also my hands sweat a lot while playing and as a result my strings dont last as long as id like

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musiciansfriend i beleive they had a nice package that they sell u like 10 packets but u save alot of money because u pay less for each packet
I've always found the very best prices I can find are on ebay if you buy in bulk - I use Roto's rather than Ernie Balls - you can normally find strings for £3 a set including postage if you buy them in lots of 5 or whatever - I usually let a couple of friends have a set then...
I don't know about in the UK, but I get my strings from webstrings.com. It's really cheap. Like $3 U.S. for electrics and $3.25 U.S. for acoustic.
Guitar center has sales you got to watch out for. Where you can get like 20 packs of ernie balls for like 70 Dollars. I missed It last time but my buddy got a bunch.
Dude, wash your hands before you play each and every time. And if youre practicing and you get all sweaty, stop and wash them again. Dont eat greasy foods before playing either and if you do - wash your hands. AFTER you play wipe down your strings with something like Kyser Dr. Stringfellow which gets most the grime and stuff off your strings. Doing this will make your strings last many times longer...

As for places to get them for cheap...well Idk, I work at a guitar shop and get them free so....
ebay. 3 sets of any ernie balls for £10 including postage
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just go to a guitar store and buy in bulk. or go to a guitar store that you really like and do a lot of business with. that way they remember you as a returning customer.