Hey there, I've been getting into blues improv because I have heard so many times that great skills are picked up when you get good at playing the blues.

I have been playing since Christmas this year, so about 7 months, and I have recorded this using a Squire Bullet, hooked up to a Fender Frontman 15G, so I think that explains the bad tone and overall guitar quality. I did not make the backing track, it was downloaded from a free backing track forums, so I do not know the creator.

Anyway, here is the link to my recording, it is called "Blues in D". All crit is appreciated, as I can only get better when I know what my mistakes are.

I think the biggest corrections you should make are hitting notes on the beat, and making sure you bend all the way up to a pitch. Some of your bends don't go all the way to a note, and so it sounds out of tune. And work on your timing on fast bits, make sure you stay with the tempo and all.

Other than that, it sounds pretty good for how long you've been playing.
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Yes very good, but work on your bends and staying with the tempo.
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It sounds out of tune for me most of the time o.O
I think it might be your guitar though rather than your playing, although you probably still hit quite a few ugly notes. Work on playing cleanly, it's rather sloppy in general.
I think you had the right idea here, I can see what your trying to play. Pretty bluesey, you have the right feel and I love the way you phrase

But some of the things that take away from the track
-as youve said it, the bad tone (high gain) from the way you recorded it
- you hit some wrong notes time, especially when you bend, but thats alright, it was jsut an improvisation
- your mom yelling at you (lol jk)
-Some of the phrases you play are very sloppy ie 3:24

Slight timing issues, but that was not very noticble. Overall nice jam, not bad for 7 months, keep playing

I would be very appreciative if you return the favor and crit my bands new song "Dreamer" located at the following thread. Thanks!