Hey all, I have come seeking advice! I really want to progress as a musician im in a decent band and have a damn good time playing live (played John peel stage at glasto last month!) but I really wana to create instumental music..

This is what I know so far!

SCALES: Pentatonic and Major/minor I only know what scale to use by ear, I hit all the notes until I find what scale im in .. soo bad!

MODES: I know the patterns and what they are but dont have any decent knoledge on scale/chord relationships, so I can't make "modal" music"

CHORDS: I know power chords (5th chords) major and minor and 7th I only know these by memorising the shapes not any theory .. I also know some other shapes but dont know the names or anything..

TECHNIQUE: Im okay on technqiue! technically I can play to a high(ish) standard.. I guess thats why its soo frustrating I have the tools to build with but no materials sorta!

Please can someone recomend some books.. websites.. videos ANYTHING I guess I really want to know all about scale/chord relationships (so I know my options as far as scales to use and chord stucture, what notes will rock over certian chords as in arpeggios ect) how to effectivly use modes within my music ...

I know you must get this EVERY DAY but I would really appriciate some help.. Ive looked at the sticky threads on theory but they just confuse the hell outta me..

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help!
The Jazz Theory Book: Mark Levine- It covers theory in most aspects, not just Jazz
Music Theory For Dummies is pretty good
I also Recommend Blues You Can Use, More Blues you can Use, and Blues you can Use Guitar Chords. I have them and they were a great help starting off.
http://www.musictheory.net/ is a good site aswell as http://www.zentao.com/guitar/

Just learn the major/minor scale in and out. Once you've done that you can start experimenting with modes. Work on improvising. Start learning the notes up and down the fretboard and just improvise and jam along to your favorite CD's. Practice until you piss off your neighbours :P.
Definitely check out those sites too, they are very helpful for what you seem to be asking for
Cheers dude thanks I lot I really want to progress as a musican and I know the nuts and bolts of music theory is what I must now tackle in order to create great music and have true understanding.. I can already play CLICK HERE but its nothing like what I want to create, just cheese..

Cool stuff, you can definitely play.. I don't know if the Blues you could use stuff would be really what you want for your style, but it's a great help with chords and understanding different types of music to incorporate into your own
True, checking out that zentao page now looks to have a LOT of information im sure i'll be working from that site for a while, cheers dude