Hi all. The bassist in my band has just bought a new bass (epiphone thunderbird) and is now looking for some decent effects. Money isnt really a matter. We play rock/punk music. Influences are like early oasis, arctic monkeys, the jam etc.

Anyway, could you please reccomend us some good bass pedals. Thanks in advance.

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To be perfectly honest, if money doesn't matter, he should get a new bass. Getting a fancy expensive pedal for an Epiphone bass is like putting a silk hat on a pig.

Anyway, check out Digitech's website. They have good pedals and sound clips.
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Is it his first bass? I'd concentrate on playing rather than FX if I were him.

If not, then I would trade in the bass for something better, or at least get a better amp.

Also, for that kind of music, the only pedals you might want to get are a Tech21 Sansamp, a compressor, and maybe a delay/flanger/chorus
Im not going to tell him to upgrade. I would look to musicians friend and look at the Line 6 pedal board for 400 bucks. It has a bunch of different amp models and some funky effects. And your darned right there can be funk punk. Also my friend, i would let your bassist deal with this. If your talking for him im not sure hes in need of FXs just yet.