Hey all, I have an Ibanez rg350ex and i just finished putting new strings on and I need some help.

1. I believe the trem springs aren't tightened enough but when I look at the guide that came with my guitar, the picture doesn't give me a clear indication of what should be parallel to the body, where the trem should be, etc. So if anyone could give me some guidance here, much appreciated.

2. Where should my action be around? I get a little fret buzz from 1-7 frets on the low E, but other than that its mostly fine (but it does feel like the action is on the low side and that I should raise it)
There's a notch on the side of the bridge plate, it should be parallel with the body of the guitar. As far as action goes it's up to you, but if it's too low you will get a bit of buzz...it's only a problem if it comes through the amp though.
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