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Even Though It's Sunny, Doesn't Mean I'm Shining

As the morning slowly creeps in,
We continuously bathe in the midnight sun.

The light finds it’s way deep within,
And somehow summer has begun.

The flowers blossom with the dew,
People get woken to birds chirping.

It’s about time to go visit you,
Cause without you, everything’s hurting.

The sunlight hits my glass at the table,
It shines to reveal a spider’s creation.

Spun by a creature in a mythical fable,
It gets hung by its own temptation.

One day goes by,
Basically no change.
Nothing but the same,
Crickets fly.

We sit and watch the sun fall,
Looks and words we exchange.

With the love in our eyes,
Nothing can hurt us at all.

A Midsummer's Requiem

Well I can't look to tomorrow
when I'm burdened with this sorrow.
The birds are all at play;
it's a strangely perfect day.
But through my eyes it's pouring down with rain,
and the grey skies above my head
look like gravestones desecrated.
From down here I can feel their metaphorical pain.
And the rivers of rainwater flowing past my feet
Go on to that puddle filling up into the sea of Regret.

Sipping on champagne and dining on truffles.
Those posh-twat garden-partyers know not of my troubles.
Reveling in their morbid delight and their faux-security.
But as I look around, I give a smile because they're the minority.
O lend us some money you vultures of happiness;
O you who think wealth is blissfulness.
Do I look happy playing this pauper;
Do I look happy playing the show-stopper?


I'd been found in a flood once before,
but I came out herringbone dry.
With a flatter line than the Arctic horizon,
and a deeper soul than the faultline dividing,
I had felt like I could walk amongst
the sea snails forever.

Then Summer came as an infernal wave,
tipping and toe-ing and taking it's time,
blowing it's whistle to speed things along.
Spreading kisses like dried cement,
too self-righteous for it's own good.
It lifted me out of my algal residency,
where salt and salty sentiments
were what I brought into my lungs.
Where longitude and latitude
were the only blueprints that I needed
to build castles out of sand bars
and not-so-hidden treasure.

Until finally I choked. And since then
every Summer has made me wish
that maybe my hindsight wasn't 20/20.

Sauna Room Newspaper Crumpled

Sauna room newspaper crumpled
Coal cover
Flint struck
Children cover their ears
Sauna room newspaper crumpled
And the fireworks
On a Charred June evening.

I come to her hand,
I say thank you for being there with me,
and tell her that if my funeral is even half as nice as tonight
or the inside of her mouth
I will rest easy.

She washes her arms and lips,
Picks up the wad of bills from the counter,
And drifts quickly into the dark
Like the Goddess that she is.

Tripping Through July

As the final bells rings, we can’t believe school’s over.

Mornings in the garage, waking neighbors up
Thought we were tough with the riffs that we made up
Banging power chords, you were Slash, I was Duff
We thought we had our stuff together
Evening in the woods, the sinking sun was golden
The beer flowed fast and free and it was cold and it was stolen
and as we sipped and slowly swallowed, we wallowed in the fact
that at this rate, tomorrow would never come

We threw up on June, we tripped through July
Crash landed halfway through August,
These are the best months of our lives

Weekends at the beach, chilling in Nagshead
Hanging in the head shops that were pumping the Grateful Dead
and somewhere in the sonic space between Garcia and Lesh
We stumbled on something spectacular
Midnights with the night sky, lying on hoods of cars
parked out in the driveway in the middle of the dark
The stars glowed just like fireworks, the fireworks like stars
that were falling from space, racing down hard

We threw up on June, we tripped through July
Crash landed halfway through August,
These are the best months of our lives

We had crazy times with crazy people. Lazy eyes gazing off into space.
Hazy, dazed-out perceptions of “maybe” became our means of escape
from all the morbid rigidity, the pitiful dignity,
the ****ty seriousness of the rest of the year
Our only fears being that the things we were seeing,
the bedroom space adventures would come to an end.
And as the fireflies burned out, I guess that it turns out
The best-built castles still return to sand.
We flew right past June, we slipped over July.
Packed our bags in August just in time to say goodbye.

And as the sun sets down on summer, we can’t believe that it’s over.
i wish we'd get more of the regular posters voting in these comps... we've got people in here voting who don't have a single post.
We need to spread the word of this forum!
I spent like 2 or 3 months on this site, and i was mostly using the S&L forum, and i had no idea about this section of the forums. Somehow we need to spread the word...
I think red should win as it has votes from two out of the three people (including myself) that I either vaguely know or respect. Most of green is not good, it should not win. Some of it is alright (mainly the ending) but come on UG, are we that much of suckers for slight off-rhyme and simple end-rhyme?
For me, it's red by a long shot. Gorgeous.
Drop another coin in the slot, and I will tell you more...