Haven't seen it, however I want to very badly. I can't find it for rent around here, but I can buy it for $17. The question is, is it worth the buy?

Secondly, I really wanna buy 'The Battle of Shaker Heights', and I could do that for $10. Or, I could dish out $35 for the movie plus the second season of 'Project Greenlight', which basically tracks the making of the movie. Is the bigger price worth the 'making of'?

What to do?
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints is most definitely worth a rental.

I love to buy movies but although this movie was moving and well done I don't think I am going to buy it.
Yeah, I hear that. Its just I can't find it for rent around here, both local shops dont even carry it apparently.

But I could buy it, but I dunno if I wanna dish out $20 for something I may not enjoy, or is something you think you can watch more than once, you know?