Im lookin to trade some stuff in to guitar center but I was wondering if anyone knew what percentage they usually take off of stuff. I was lookin to trade in a Digitech RP80, almost brand new but idk how much id get for it. any ideas?
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You won't get much thats for sure. I suggest selling it on ebay, you'll get more cash that way. I tried to sell my 6 months old guitar to them (great condition) and they offered $75... I bought it for $200 for crying out loud. Ebay is the way to do, mate.
you get about 25% of what you originally paid for it
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take it in and see what they will give you, if you happy with it, sell it, if not, find a way to sell it else where
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Never trade ANY gear into any shop. Trust me. They rip you off in any way possible...I know...I work at a guitar shop and do it on a day to day basis! lol
25%, 50% if the manager likes you. The manager offered me 50% on anything I traded in because he really wants me to buy a Mesa Express
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If they give you something for trade they usually keep the cash contribution high enough that they still make at least their minimum profit. In effect you are giving them your gear.
Actually, it's not really 25%; well, it wasn't for me anyway. I traded in my Pearl Forum kit which cost me $400 and they gave me $150 for it, which is about 30%. Then again, they were in good condition...