They are a local death metal band. It's fairly simple technically, but for some reason I love it.

And they have a sick live show everytime. I've seen em five times, and it still isnt old.

Once, the singer "papa ray" (he is a fat guy who looks old but isnt) while playing a show at a church, got naked, turned all the crosses upside down, threw a pigs head into the audience, and they got out before the cops got there. (Keep in mind he was on shrooms).

Another time, because a venue wasnt paying em, during a show, he puked in a pitcher, put his balls in it, and then drank it.

So ****in metal.


Let me know if you like it. And add them too.

EDIT: Listen to "Your Last Words." Its the best song.
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Not too bad. I'd give 'em a few years & they'll prolly be less sloppy but yeah, I like it.

EDIT: Why were they playing a show @ a church?
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because there used to be a venue there that wasnt really associated with the church, but was still part of the building.

they invited encoma to play.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.