im lookin for a new computer, i would not like to spend every penny i have and i would still like it to be decent

2.00 ghz dual core.....or more
1 gig ram......or more
sata hard drive.......doesnt really matter how big cuz hard dives come a dime a dozen now a days

a half decent vid card would be nice to but if not what ever

this one seemed to fit my need PERFECTLY untill i saw the reviews

so please help me find my new computer
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Are you a mac hater? There's a macbook that fits your description...
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Learn to build one and get the parts from Newegg.com. It's not as hard as it sounds. Macs are cool but probably more expensive than it sounds like you can spend.
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The computer you were looking at has poor quality reviews. If you are going to get a new computer, you should really study into it. I would suggest going to Dell, as they are usually reliable. If you are looking to buy a temporary computer that specific computer would do. IS it going to be a family computer or a personal computer?
Buy your own parts.
You will save loads and have better parts too.
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i would build something custom... the video card on that is complete ass..like total ass. go for at least an ati x1650 or Nvidia 7600 for decent gaming etc.
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Get a mac.
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