So, if I were to put different on a guitar, would it be easier to do it myself or just pay for someone to do it?

I don't have the first clue on how to do it so I was wondering if it's horribly expensive to have someone do it and I should take the time to learn.
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it isn't that hard, just a lot of sanding and you have to know how to strip down the guitar. and basically know how to spray paint. maybe practice first at that. there are lots of tutorials on the web about this.

check the gear building and customizing forum too.
if u're painting over the paint on there now, u wouldnt strip the guitar, just scuff it after taking off all the hardware and neck (if bolt on)

then u would paint and clear coat the guitar, sanding in between coats.

a good paint job can take weeks.
and imo, costs money, time and is really one of the hardest parts of modding.

yeah u can do a cheap job. but then why bother.

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