no, mainly because you have to type in ultimate-guitar.com, not Ultimiteguitar.com.
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i marvel at how people could have the patience to build a guitar basically from scratch, since i try to do something for about 5 seconds, and if it gives me any trouble it usually ends up...you know... on fire.
Seems you got owned by a little mis-hyphenation there.
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Man that's badass.

Might help if you could spell "Ultimate" correctly.


UG is my homepage, but not because I lack typing skills.
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i type it with the hyphen like always but it says its a space for me.
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How'd you get to this thread?

[edit] ah, should've read the whole paragraph first.
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yah u-g is my homepage too, so i could read threads liek these and laugh
Hompage for me also lol

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Dash Shmash. Its called a hypen. You can learn the difference at Ultimitehyphen.com

Edit: Dammit. Its www.ultimate-hyphen.com
it's also my homepage.
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pfft, i have the link on my desktop.
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I type in UG in the address bar and it brings me here..and its my homepage. haha

I typed UG in the address bar, and i got google search results, which gave me links to the shoe company uggs.
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Might help if you could spell "Ultimate" correctly.

Yet he managed to spell it right in the thread title....