i want to put a stratacaster pickguard on a sg ?Please help im so retarded
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yes you are.

and to answer your Help question you have to get a HH set up strat pickguard and drill a bunch of holes in your sg. not worth it
thanks,,.I Got a epiphone special and just thought that would be cool
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Quote by randym.o.p
Thanks, I have an Epiphone Special and just thought that this modification would be cool.

you can't. they're different shapes, and u might be able to cut the pickguard, but its... different shape now... just stick with the pickguard u got, and dig up some better mods u can do.
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there is no pickgaurd on this guitar that why i wanted the one on my strat
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This is why it wouldnt work and this is after making the pickguard smaller. A normal fender pickguard would have no way of fitting on an sg.