Okay, this was recorded through 2 - 4 o'clock this morning because I couldn't get to sleep. I guess it kind of fitted the mood.

It's called 'untitled 3' on my profile (it was the first title I could think of )

I'm not sure of the genre.. it's kind of shoegaze/post-rock/experimental but it shouldn't matter anyway.

Crit for crit - just leave me the links to your music and I'll crit back.

Thanks in advance!
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lol i see why its called lunar.

It sounds really cool, and gives off this vibe of being under the stars, it really is beautiful. I think it sounds calming as well as sad at the same time.

The only suggestion I can give is that the synth in the back is really muddy, maybe you can try lowering it. ALthought it deepens the song, i think its a little too strong.

You should expand on this, its a really good idea.

I would appreicate if you return the favor and listen to my bands new song and leave your thoughts! Thanks and heres the link to the thread:


This piece is very dreamlike. I like the simplicity and subtlety of your tones. They create a mood and a very vivid place, like I'm chilling on the dark side of the moon.

It sounds quite complete as well and I wouldn't change anything. But I would like to hear more of it. It sounds like the beginning of a really nice instrumental concept album.

I would appreciate it if you could crit my song as well:


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Yeah, the synth is pretty muddy. I had to keep it like this to get rid of an annoying high pitched sound that plagued the recording. I'll try and edit it tonight.
easy listening, calm and relaxing. i think it would be a good intro or intermission to and album. i like the effects. very cool and interesting, never heard anything on here like it. keep it up. crit mine, link is in my sig under recordings
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I can see why you thought of the name lunar. The glassy sound is pretty good but would be nice if it didn't have so much reverb or release because it kindof gets foggy.

As soon as I turned it down it sounded better though. I liked it when you used the whammy bar? i think that's what it was, anyway the pitch changed up and down and sounded so relaxing. This would remind me more of a sunset over a beach surfing than the moon, but it sounded great.

Just make sure you work on getting all the crackles off because it's sometimes hard to listen to. Great job mate!
I'm jealous.....I loved it despite the recording flaws...When I heard it I started hearing all sorts of ideas coming to me like adding a solo here.. or expressing a feeling there.. I wish you would complete this song soon and then post a finalized version because I'm eager to see how you take it..
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The recording needs cleaning of the noise... And this is the only flaw I could find.
That was very close to geniusly. The mood feels perfectly and the melody flows calmly like singing the night song. A dream, I can`t find the words Thats what I always wanted to compose like.

Regards, Ash.

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I thought that a lofi sound would emphasise the insular mood I was going for - but perhaps it didn't work. WrongWay, I used a whammy pedal for the pitch bend and harmonized clean guitar bit.
Thanks guys, I'll crit you all back - sorry if it's taking me a while.
It's very new-agey and relaxing. I don't really mind the muddiness of it, though there does seem to be a bit too much bass (maybe it's just my speaker set-up). Nice; nothing wrong with keeping it simple.
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that was awesome dude. I really like the way you used the synth.
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I like it alot. I agree the synth is a bit muddy and needs to come down and the acoustic guitar up just a little. there isn't much to say it's a very well mixed put together song good job.


EDIT: Wow this is an old thread lol.
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I like it alot! Sounds something I'd jam.. but it's impossible to listen to since theres a high pitched noise in the background.. makes it impossible to enjoy. Sorry.

Remove the high pitched noise and I'll love this!!
Check this out:

My "ambient" song with guitar.
Thanks for the feedback.

Your piece is pretty cool. Good tone/recording quality etc. It kind of reminds me of Fripp and there's a really nice sombre mood and ambient atmosphere present. Very new-agey as well and if you're looking to make more ambient music like this I think you should look into the album Evening Star by Robert Fripp/ Brian Eno.

I have a couple of criticisms though. My main criticism is that the background sound effects of the sea may be a little... cliched? Maybe that's just me. They work though. You could try seperating the two tracks and maybe experimenting with another guitar line as you'd need something to fill it out. Try layering lots of guitar lines over each other. Harmonics might work well too. At the same time though, these suggestions may detract from the overall effectiveness of the piece but they're differently worth considering.

Overall, you did a good job!

I'll crit the rest of you guys back as soon as I can.

PS: I really can't believe it's been nearly a year since I potsed this. It's scary.