I have recently bought a neck that's cut for a floyd nut.
Problem is... I changed my mind about having a floyd on it.
I was wondering if I could use a FR locking nut kinda like a regular nut (just don't lock it).
Or... Is there somewhere I can get a bone nut that's the same size as a fr nut?
Also, is there any way that I can put on a 2-point strat trem instead of a Floyd trem on the body? (the body already is routed out for a floyd)

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No reason why you can't. It's just a locking nut, nothing too special. You can order a hard tail-style Floyd Rose from Floyd Rose, I think. I wouldn't advise putting in a 2-point tremelo into a FR routed body.

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Just block the Floyd.
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you could fabricate your own nut
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