If you could recomend one thing to do to get better at the blues what would it be

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Learn the scales and practice a lot. When you get comfortable enough, don't worry about what notes you're hitting as much, but the music you produce.
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There are no boring scales, just boring guitarists.

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yea know the scales well, the most important part is being able to play without thinking about the notes your playing so you can just feel it and play through your emotions
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Play with other musicians, just loosen up when you play the music, it will come naturally eventually, and you'll start to feel the music hella' lot.
^ Thats an excellent suggestion as well...as fun as the blues are alone, they are a blast when you are sittin around jammin with a buncha other blues stringers...and it will teach you so much
get some one to jam with you and play a countinuous blues riff and solo for hours it doesnt get old practice those scales in the solo and all your bends and vibratos
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