I know he's not widely listened to but I think the man's brilliant. Songs like Jennifer Juniper are just so beautiful and he also has songs like Hurdy Gurdy Man which are true phychodelic rock masterpieces. Anyone else liste to him?
I like him. Haven't listened to him in a while, though. Funny thing with Donovan is that almost everyone has probably heard "Sunshine Superman" or at least "Happiness Runs" in that commercial recently, but nobody knows who those songs are by.

My favorite album is Gift From A Flower To A Garden.
just checked him out and yeah, he's pretty good.
I really like the sound of his voice.
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I really love "Get Thy Bearings." Great song.
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Yeah, 'Sunshine Superman' has been in a Magners (think it's Magners) advert for at least a year now, so most people in the UK will have heard it I'm sure. Classic song.
The album under that name was really good as well.
Think I have another of his somewhere, but can't remember the name of it at the moment.
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I haven't gotten into him as much as I want to yet, but Hurdy Gurdy Man is such a great song.
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I'm a big Donovan fan, I saw him live (was my first concert) it was awesome.

I have several CDs and a bit of Vinyl.

The only thing that bothers me is that some songs make no sense at all, you can tell he was just making **** up while he was stoned
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I just found 'Season of the Witch' in an old songbook last night and spent a while playing/singing it. I love to play 'Sunshine Superman' and 'Mellow Yellow' too...love the weird chords some of his songs have. All of his stuff is really good.

What is the name of that song of his that Jeff Beck played on? Its a strange name that I never can remember...gotta get that song on cd one of these days.