Has anyone played a schecter omen 6 fr? im thinking about buying one over the internet from a local store and im wondering what they sound like
No, but it probably isn't a good buy.

At that price floyds in general don't work out well. Go for the hardtail or vintage unless you can find a guitar with a high end liscensed floyd (schaller, CERTAIN ibanez, gotoh, kahler, etc.) or an original floyd rose.
If its a local store why are you buying online?
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its local but not in my city local if u get what i mean like its state local about 1 or 2 hours out
I currently own an omen 6 and used it as my main guitar for my first 8 months of playing. Although i can say nothing about the floyd rose, since mind didn't have one, the guitar was certainly compitent for my playing at first.
kkk thanks, i've read the review for like an fr extreme or something like that and this guitar is extremely similar to that guitar and people have rated that guitar greatly so yeah..
^ +1
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i dont think i can afford the hellraisers and if there available at the shop im getting the omen 6