Can any of you guys ID any of these pedals? I see there's a boss tuner, a crybaby wah, and a DS-1. It's Jaime Kime's board from the Zappa plays Zappa tour, if that helps at all.

the one all the way to our left is a volume pedal
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volume pedal - wah - and theres a channel selector at the front of the board...

looks like a bunch of MXR pedals in there.. maybe
Looks like there's an old Big Muff Pi on the back row, far right. Maybe. I'm not sure. I think the red box with three knobs next to the DS-1 is a MXR distortion, but I'm not 100% sure. That's all I can tell, though.
tuner all the way to the right top row, and next to that is an MXR Distortion + or sumtin like that. the red one.
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If you could get a picture from the other side of the board, though, that'd be useful.

Probably wouldn't need our help, in that case.
Got the greenish one next to the wah, it's a Way Huge, either a green rhino or a swollen pickle, the white one next to it is a Red Llama. I think the pinkish one in the other row is another way huge pedal.
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If you could get a picture from the other side of the board, though, that'd be useful.

Probably wouldn't need our help, in that case.

I was hanging over the railing, holding my phone over the board. I would have tried to get one from the other side, but there was an awfully large security guy standing there, and I value my limbs.
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Far left looks like some ernie ball volume pedal, next to some kind of dunlop crybaby. Boss DS1, tunern and mxr distortion + all pointed out. No other ideas. Any pics of vai's stuff by any chance?

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ha, i spy a zakk wylde overdrive all the way in the back. other than that, i'm stumped
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The lighting is all thats preventing me from id'ing these...I could tell if I could at least see the color of them...

There's a Boss TU-12 tuner at top left of the boar if your looking at it...
I'm pretty sure there is a Dyna Comp in front of that...
Of course the wah and volume....
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