so me and my girlfriend have done it like a couple times and it still hurts her... But how long till it dosnt. and i know UG is meant for music and stuff like that but come on...you get threads about peoples penis Problems. ANYWHO how long???
look for the sex thread. how old r u?
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1. Girl..?
If so, see #2.

2. Right hole?
If so, see #3.

3. Get some painkillers?

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Well if your dick is huge it will take a while probably but is it isn't then just wait a bit and make sure you use Lube and all that jazz for when still hurts.
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maybe she's not aroused enough, try eating her out for a bit before you go in.....
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take it out of her ass
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take it out of her ass

Yeah i could start by doing that i guess...
Took about 5 times before me and my girlfriend could get it in without her being in pain.
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