would it be hard to convert this head stock here to look like this one?

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you mean paint it?
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moving one of the tuners down the bottom, and moving that thing that hold 2 strings down. and have the curved bit at the end actually look right....
that's gonna require a new neck, completely...you can't just cut off the headstock and glue a new one down...and you can't just drill new holes 'cause there wouldn't be enough room and it probably wouldn't be stable enough

you *might* be able to buy a replacement Musicman neck..but i can't tell you for sure that the scale would be correct, and that everything would fit...blah blah blah...there's a lot of things to consider..everything would have to be nearly identical w/ the excpetion of the tuner placement

it's a long shot, but worth some research if you're that interested in it
You could probably do it, but it's probably not worth the work.
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