I just got this bad boy installed, took me about 3 hours due to a soldering gun that required on average 12 seconds on the solder to melt it

Anyways, installation was rather easy besides my equipment that is apparently extremely dated. I switched it out for an EMG Select.

The sustain is atleast twice as long with this pickup, the magnets in these rails are extremely powerful. i was screwing the pick in and i dropped the screwdriver and the pickup caught it. that kinda surprised me. On clean these things have warm lows and twangy highs, a good combination. I installed this in the bridge by the way.

On distortion i can get anywhere from a classic rock cruch to the saddest blues to the heaviest metal, these things rock and are easily controllable with the volume/tone knob.

On the EMG selects... 3rd fret harmonic dive bombs with the whammy...dont even think about it, this baby lets em scream.

What amazes me is that although these pickups are LOUD, they give almost no feedback. there is no annoying hiss/buzz when no playing. these are great pickups at an unbelievable price.

At about 30 dollars, i highly recommend these to anyone looking for a good punch in any guitar. They were crafted for metal, but i can get anything i want out of these, im extremely satisfied. next up on my list is this http://store.guitarfetish.com/crpafhiouhug.html for my les paul.
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nice. sound to be good value too.

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