Poll: What's the longest time youve been away from guitar?
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View poll results: What's the longest time youve been away from guitar?
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1-6 days
12 27%
1-2 weeks
20 45%
1-3 months
5 11%
More than 3 months
7 16%
Voters: 44.
So I'm currently in Turkey right now, and have been here for a month, I'm gonna be home for another ten days. By the way I live in the good ol' US of A. I've I had an acoustic for a while thats gone now. I've been a little worried that I won't be able to play as well and that I'll loose some of my skill. So here is the poll, whats the longest you've been away from guitar and how it affected you.

I've been playing for a year and this is the first time I've been away from guitar for more than like three days. Thanks for the help.
Well I was away from guitar for 5 years when I stopped playing after high school, honestly didn't touch one in all that time then I picked up a mates strat recently and found my ingers stil worked, my memory of songs had left me but I could still play. Rusty but it was there so I bought a new electric then went on holiday to Austria where I have been playing a Classical guitar for a month till I get home to my electric again!
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Being away from the guitar for some periods is as important as playing very much for some periods. You get som perspective on your playing, in my case at least.
the only thing you might lose is thr memory of songs, thats what happened to me anyway, you become a bit rusty, but after a few hours of play it becomes fine again
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Quote by SY22
Being away from the guitar for some periods is as important as playing very much for some periods. You get som perspective on your playing, in my case at least.

i Agree 100%, actually, playing air guitar, is a good way to get better..
Like, hear the music, and just try and stay with the beat / rythms..
Helped me with the verses in BYOB ( system of a down )
i was away for two weeks and the main problem i found was my judgement of how to move my fingers went a bit (eg not as confident on the distances between frets)
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1-2 weeks, but i did have a piece of **** classical guitar to keep me company...so technically 0
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More than 3 months.

That's pretty much when I quit guitar for a while and eventually came back to it a couple years later.
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i have the exact problem right now!!!

ive been gone for 4 weeks for vacation and i played acoustic guitar from my friend but very rarely.... now im back from vacation and i can still play some songs and i did forget the songs my fingers still work too but the problem is for me now i need to work out my fingers to build up the calluses again on my finger tips. playing bass became a b8tch now i got two blisters on my right hand.

The callus is the problem right now im tryin to build that up but i also notice my playing is kinda rusty.
Just an influence.
it is not that u'll lose ur talent in these 10 days.....lets say maybe u'll lose a tiny bit of flexibility...but u'l regain that in an hour ...dont worry actually ...u should not play everyday the whole year coz u should relax the muscles of the hand and give it time to build or stretch during the resting time...thats my opinion...i myself i think i stopped playing for 2 weeks once....no problems when i got back ....nothin mentionable
1-2 weeks for me

i went on vacation to florida. and i didnt have a guitar. i had no idea what to do with my time. i was so bored.
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I'll claim the record (so far), 10 years. I played for about 8 years on and off and was pretty pleased with my standard (could play most Page and Hendrix, my barometer of skill). I broke my shoulder in a snowboarding accident and couldn't play at for about 6 months. I picked up the guitar again eventually but was so rusty it put me off. I also think I was a bit jaded with the guitar anyway. So I basically stopped playing for 10 years. I would pick up a guitar occasionally but it just sounded terrible. Recently though I've got back into it. I finally pushed through the rustiness and started to get my old speed and smoothness back. I have completely forgotton all the songs I knew but the chords and scales are still there so I can start learning some of the old songs agains, it's actually quite fun.

I've been pretty amazed at times at how well my hands remember to play. The left hand in particular, almost seems to belong to someone else at times at it flies about the place.
I stopped playing piano for 3-4 weeks
and then i started playing again and I pwned

As long as your not forgeting what you were playing it shouldnt be a problem
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