Ok well this is one of my best, but still isn't quite complete. I put it on my website that i put projects up for reviewing, and somebody gave it a 10 (couldn't believe it either), so I decided to see what you guys think.

It's not a guitar, its purely synthesizers. It's a relaxing yet eerie type of song.

PLEASE LISTEN PAST 1:20, intro is a little long and annoying, but middle is best part.

Link is...


I will crit yours if you leave me a link.
While not something I would choose to listen to (music taste), you've created something quite interesting, very strange, but very interesting. So well done, good song.
I'll crit as I listen.

The intro really sets the mood for the piece. I think that by moving up and down a tone, although a simple idea, created a melanchloy, eerie setting. I don't know how do describe it, but the "high pitched noise" created a nocturnal mood and setting. It's definitely my favourite part of the piece. Good job.

The next part that creeps in is pretty cool however, it sounds unusual. To me, it sounds out of time with the drum loop. It sounds like the G or Bb comes in too quickly. Perhaps it's just my imagination, or maybe that's what you intended. It just made the mood a little awkward. Also, I think you could perhaps link the intro and this section together a little better.. maybe continue a part from the into throughout this section?

I think you could perhaps introduce another section to the piece as it seems like you repeat the idea too much. Or, you could introduce another synth part over the top of what you already have.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to your piece. You managed to keep my interest throughout, despite the repated idea, and you definitely created an ambient mood/sound within it.

Also, would you mind critting my piece?
Ambient Electric Guitar Instrumental
Thanks in advance!
I do like the intro part
Like said before it does set the mood. I dont see it so much as eerie though..rather i think it gives it this glorious epic feel. Like the music playing before a big battle is about to break out.

The next riff is a nice way to move in that direction, it goes well with the first piece. After the drums come inthough, i also recognize a disruptance...alothough it was not that recognizable before the drums, but as zeepplin points out, it does sound like its Lagging.
I dont think its locking in with the drum pattern.

Overall you have a very nice flow and this piece was very interesting. All i can say is that the second half of the song does indeed get a little repetitve, i think you should over lay it with some lead synths.
You can go back into an epic kind of atmosphere over the rythm with a keys solo.

Nice/unique idea mate!

Also I would be very appreciative if you listen to and leave my bands new song a crit

Yeah I agree on the repetetive part, it's still a WIP (work in progress) so i know i gotta fix that. Also with the beat, it's gotta be beatmapped better I agree i got lazy on it haha.

Well, I liked the intro part and how it goes into the next low section. But after that I found the melody kinda repetative and boring. You could make the drums lead in faster or something.
But for the WIP its well done, I`d develop it further if I were you

Regards, Ash.

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when i read the title, i expected a peaceful bluesy song or something of that sort, but you took it in a different view, like an alien view. its pretty cool, very ambient. at some part when the little hearbeat came in or soemthing, it all seemed to get off timing, it lost the pulse which made it hard to follow. the little pulse was cool though. tends to repeat a bunch in the middle section, idk wat u were going for, maybe layer it with something on top to make it seem less repetitive. as said before, try a sweet synth lead ;-). but iots a WIP, so its understandable. i'd still change the riff or melody to add some variation, because it does repeat alot, evfen if there is a lead, maybe add some different kind of percussion to it?

cfc? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=637905
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors