Hey everyone,
I just finished the rough tracks for my new tune and i was hoping to get some constructive crit on it. I WILL GO CRIT FOR CRIT.
Its a metal tune.
Checker out and let me know what you think.
Its at
and its called sadly, "Metalness"

:29 seconds to :53 seconds, and around 2:45 on was pretty freaking sweet. if youd be willing to tab out any parts those really stood out to me. how did you record?
wow this is some pretty heavy stuff, and i like. great job on both guitars, very epic. loved your harmonics. aint much wrong with this, it is really tight and professional sounding, great job.keep it up. crit mine, link is in my sig under recordings. crit whatever one u want
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The recording quality is very good, how did you record? Are

The fast part with the double bass drum sounds reallly hot. Overall i would say that the rhytm section is very tight and thats what mostly made me not feel bored and intuned to the song. The bassist is good too, not just playing boring lines.

I like the ending lead couped with the rhytm, they really play well off each other.

There is not much I can suggest for improvement of the song, i did notice though that it is a missing a ear wailing solo. If you find a place to put one in, then it truley will be epic.

Mind critting my bands new song?
Thanks in advance

hey everyone,
Thanks for the feedback. I didnt think there would be all positive comments. Any sections that anyone things could be fixed or anything at all?
Anyways, i use a the BR-1600 Digital Home Recording Unit. It has a drum machine built right in so i can create my own beats. It also allows me to create my own guitar tones and all that jazz.
Oh and just so everyone knows... i played both guitars, the bass, and i made all of the drum beats.
Thanks again,
I really like the intro, has a really good sound to it. The rhythm parts really kick too, like their constantly punching at you. The break down is real heavy, and I like the use of pinch harmonics and clashes. The melodies are real heart-felt, I can tell you gave it your all in here. I really liked it, my kind of music.

Crit mine?