Tab plz? Is it in standard?
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- John Lennon
Would be very in this as well... Cannot find a tab anywhere for "Monkey 23" by The Kills...

Trying to learn this with my instructor. The hard part isn't really the chords, it's the tuning, although it appears to be a weird open tuning. So far, we've come up with BEBG#BE.

Anyone else have experience with figuring this amazing song out?

Hey, it's been a while since you posted your request, I myself have been trying to play that song too. I think your chords are almost right, E, B and F# (as shown when you search tabs here at UG). But that's not the part in the song I was interested in playing. I'm interested in that cool bluesy riff throughout the song. I think I have got it, it's in the B chord shape at the seventh fret. .6 string 7th fret, 5 string 9 fret and hammer on 5 string to 11 fret. Play with the rhythm to get it to sound like the song. Then I think you slide back down to F# before hitting an E chord. What I want to know is the amp settings, I don't have an electric so I've been playing this on acoustic, interested in knowing how to create that raw sound tho