Could you guys help me out, I need some recomendations for a power amp, maybe 50/50 power wise...

I need something with a good decent clean, no fancy extras or anything, I'll be runing a Rocktron Prophesy 2 into it for all fx/distortion...

I briefly looked at a Mesa Boogie 2:Fifty but I remember somone saying it's picking dynamic thingy distorted the clean chanel if you picked heavy or whatever, you had to pick gentle and lightly...? I have no idea how much truth is in that but the Mesa seemed like a good Power amp.

I'll be setting it up like this:
Rocktron Prophesy 2 -> "Power amp" -> Mill's acoustic cabs

I'm just undecided on a power amp, I need it to be powerful, clear and clean... So, suggest away UG, I'll be trying out all that you suggest..