so i want to make my gibson les paul copy look more like a relic played heavily. like paint and fret wear. how can i do that with sand paper? anyone have experience with this type thing
er. . .

Fret wear isn't a desirable thing dude.

Also, if it's a copy it probably has a poly finish, which you can't really relic, best to just not worry about the way it looks, or find another way of changing it.
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as long as it sounds beautiful, who cares how it looks? its a guitar. it kicks ass
Gibsons aren't sprayed with poly, but i'd assume he's not doing this to a Gibson. You can relic poly finishes no problem though. Cracking, peeling, denting, chips, etc are all acheivable with poly. Is it a lot more work? hell yes.
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take out the electronics and hardware.... soak the hardware in something corrosive, like acetone. While that's submerged, with fine grit sandpaper, take the finish off the edges and corners of the pickup covers... Then, while the body is bare, take a big rusty chain and whack the ****e out of it. problem solved. Reassemble, and presto chango.... "reliced guitar". The sandpaper on arm thign sounds good too.
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A reliced Paul seems hideous. Fender guitars are where its at.
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put something over to protect your strings, get a piece of high grit wet/dry paper, preferably 1500 or over and do strumming actions.
Hit the body gently with the grit paper but don't scuff the paint to the wood, try not to even touch the paint and just try taking the laquer off, that way, it'll relic more naturally and not look all shabby.
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