50 watt solid state amp, in perfect playing condition. Very slight cosmetic damage, not serious and doesn't affect the sound. Clean and overdrive channels, digital effects, fx loop in/out, headphone socket, FREE FOOTSWITCH. £100 ono. WILTSHIRE/BATH AREA.

Please send me a private message or reply to this post for more information.
I think it's about $200. I may be willing to send tht out but I'd have to ask for postage on top, and it's going to be very very expensive to send it to the US for a one off item.
would you be interested in trading for a roland micro cube+cash?
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No sorry, just the money, I only just got a new amp yesterday. Do you live in the UK???
there's not really anything i need, i've just got a new amp and new guitar. Maybe a decent wah wah/whammy pedal but nothing else really.
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