I've seen a lot of LP copies where, on the bottom piece of wood, the pickup wire channel is to the side of the bridge and tailpiece. Can you take that channel right down the middle of the bridge and tailpiece (IE in between their posts)?

Also, I'm going to have an HSH config and each humbucker will have 4 leads, how big does the channel have to be?
I'm going to route this soon, and I just need to know, is there any problem with routing on the bottom piece (of 2 pieces) a wire channel that goes underneath the bridge and tail IE between their posts?

How do you ground the bushings?

And roughly how deep/wide would the channel have to be to have +/-10 pickpup leads going through it?
Just a tip, be more descriptive in your subject line about what you want to ask. When you ask something about an LP route job... you will get more experience responses.

Most of us are reading and moving on to the next post because we just don't know.

Pickup leads can fit into a pretty small channel. A 4 conductor lead can probably fit into an 3/16" hole. a 1/4" or maybe 5/16" is probably good for the bulk coming through the last hole. You can always go a little bigger.
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Hey thanks bro, for both suggestions.

For anyone that will ignore my undescriptive title , any answers to the other questions? particularly: can I route underneath the bridge and tailpiece without sacrificing strength or sustain?
your still taking wood from the body so it will kill some sustain and tone. also the area where string vibrations go into the wood of your guitar (eg. the bridge and tailpiece) is one of the most important areas. you will lose some tone and sustain but as to how dramatic, i really cant say