i have a vox ad15vt and have had it for just over a year now and would like to upgrade to a 30 or maybe a 50 watt amp

i have been playing for 3 years and have a epiphone les paul studio and a lag spring acoustic

i want an amp that will work well with both guitars and also has half decent over drive channel

i play mostly 60s/70s rock - the who, david bowie, the beatles and some modern indie such as the kooks and the editors

You know, for once I think the laney VC30 is a valid recommendation here!

If you're in the UK it's the best option. If you're in the US look at stuff like peavey classic 30s aswell.

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Go with a tube amp. best od u can get w/out a pedal, and best for classic rock sounds. maybe try something by Peavey Windsor, or a Crate Palomino series.
if your looking for a good halfstack thats not much, id check out the behringer ultrastacks. i know alot of people on here dont like it, but my foster dad plays classic rock and thats what he uses. it sounds great