This isnt the greastest thread for the bass forum but its our cross to bear as bass players. Im looking to upgrade my bands Carvin PA, which right now has no subs . Anyway im looking to get some pretty nice ones. For about a grand i can get more or less 4 15"s. Or for 1500 I can get cabels and a 200 watt power amp. Is there anyway a 200 watt power amp is worth 500 bucks or do you really need one of those for your subs to do their best.
Here are the links:
http://www.carvin.com/products/single.php?ItemNumber=2500-1802-2&CID=LSS f
For the package
or for the subs single, i plan to get 2
My PA is 1200 watts and weve yet to get anywhere near maxing it. And in cody Wyoming weve played the Biggest Venue and it was fine.
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i know what you're saying....although it'd cost quite a bit more...i would think that having a dedicated power amp for the sub would be good, and DO NOT FORGET A GOOD CROSSOVER...you'll definatly need one of those, thats why a separate power amp would be bennificial
audio-->mixer-->crossover===>power amps

i'm no PA wizard but i'm pretty sure that's accurate