My buddy is thinking about getting a 7.I know of a few good ones but the problem is that he would rather not get a strat-bodied 7.He pretty much told me that he just wants something different.And dont tell me or my friend to be less picky because im sure hell settle if he ahs to but if he could hed rather have something different.I appreciate the help.
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I believe Dean has a seven string ML shaped guitar. Check Schecter too.
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Yea schecter has some cheaper models but if you looking for something more pricy defenatly go with the ibanez
like i said in the other 7 string thread, schecter c7 hellraiser if you dont want tremelo, schecter loomis signature if you do
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I think by strat bodied, he meant anything of that general concept.

On Ebay there, occasionally, are 7 string Epiphone Flying V's.
Majority of 7 strings are loosely based upon the strat shape, but epiphone used to put out the flying V's and les paul 7 string models. I think on music123.com they still sell the epi goth les paul 7 string........

Ebay turns up some Bc rich 7 string models all the time.
ok thanks alot guys,appreciate the help
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.