beautiful guitar playing, you guys have a lot of potential, my only criticism is that your drummer sounds as though he's tensing his arms a little too much in the track candlelight horizon and occasionally your guitar riffs dont flow on as easily as they could but still, minor things-i really liked this, have added you on my bands myspace page, can you check out my band and tell me what you think?
you may want to listen to more than one song to get a better idea of the vocals as some songs are single vocals and some are double, oh and fishbowl is meant to be sung monotone. Its a representation of the monotony of modern society!

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Hi man.
Had a listen to Candlelight Horizon - the drums do seem a little strained - and i do think the guitar parts go on a little long - it could do with some vocals. I do like the chord progressions though. You've clearly got potential - just tell the drummer to relax.
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Thanks man