Which Schecter would you recommend for thrash metal I was looking at the Hellraiser, C1-Elite or the Omen 6 maybe the Damian 6 too ?

Which is best are the models with the active EMG's the one to go for or what about the Duncan designed pickup models ?

i have the damian 6 fr, my bands other guitarist has the omen 6. im experanced on both, they are impressive guitars and play really well. im currently thinking about putting an 81 in mine, i kinda want it to be alittle hotter than what it is. if you want hotter pickups and more "chunk" go with the c1 or hellraiser.
Well depends on what type of trash you're looking.

You know Dave Mustaine used to use the JB/Jazz SD combo so you might like the C-1 Classic, the Seymours also do MoP Metallica very well.

But you might like more gain then i do, in that case go Hellraiser.
get the hellraiser! best quality, best specs, and gorgeous black cherry finish^^
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i'm assuming that's hetfield's sig. model

so...it'll have better fret access and maybe lighter weight, should be almost exactly the same tone-wise, since they both have EMG's and are made of mahogany, except hetfield has a 60 in the neck, which makes cleans better
No sorry the JH-200 & JH-600 there the Jeff Hanneman from Slayer series guitars from what I can determine the 200 series has EMG HZ4 passive pickups and the JH-600 has EMG actives.
Well the one with the HZ4s will be clearly inferior.

The other one i have never seen but im willing to bet my left nut its more expensive then the hellraiser.

Just go Hellraiser.
dude get the schecter c1 i bought it maybe a month ago and it is amazing in every way and its beautiful it has amazing tone and the duncan designed pickups are great as well
I was looking to buy a C-1 Classic...either that or an SG...The Classic is nice...maybe a little bit more of a thin sound that the SG...but that has a lot to do with the scale length I think. The Classic is a pretty good guitar.
I would personally say Hellraiser for what you want to do.
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well i am a bit biased

S1 elite

duncan designed (dont be fooled by that, they still sound great)
22 X jumbo frets
set neck
grover tuners
awesome black cherry finish

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right iv had the first left handed schecter omen 6 in england for about 3 years i dunno and iv loved it to bits , its a beautiful guitar , im gonna upgrade to damian elite which looks awesome
If youve got a low budget why not get an Omen 6 fr, like the omen 6 but with a floyd rose
what's your budget, cause you're naming guitars throughout Schecter's price ranges. so we cant tell you for sure which for you to get. spec wise out of the ones listed, the hellraiser will be top knotch, but i now suggest to you the Schecter Blackjack ATX. I've always liked them more than Hellraisers.
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