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hey guys, im just after an intermediate jazz or blues song to play for school. something not too hard and something not too easy. So yeah recommend away. My teacher gave me a blues song called Oscar's Blues and I'll probably do that if no one else can give me anything better. Cheers
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What kind of blues? Im into like alot of Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, etc. type of stuff, i could give you some good ones there, but idk about jazz.
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Recently i played SRV's Little wing
it was great i reccomend everyone to at least learn it it really loosens you up.
it kinda depends on what kinda blues you want and if youll be playin with a drummer and or bass

anything by SRV
Feels like rain or suffrin mind by Buddy Guy
or if Rock blues is your thing i would suggest steppin out by cream

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