im looking for a good jazz/blues guitar and if it could do classic rock that'd be good too. probly a maximum price of about AU 1500
if you want a hollowbody (which i suggest in your case) check Ibanez Artcores!
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Sterling is British currency. But anyways, thats about £600-700. Well, you could get a fairly high-end Epiphone archtop or Les Paul orrr...ummm...an Ibanez archtop, or a Tele with a humbucker. There's loads of choice out there, and anything with humbuckers would suit all those styles; a semi-hollow like a 335 would be ideal.

EDIT: http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=15&CollectionID=1
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yeah hollowbody would be best jazz and blues is the main sound wanted because my guitar at the moment does metal and kind of does classic rock and i just got asked to join our schools jazz band so it would help
yeah i was looking at the sheraton II and the jorma kaukonen signature riviera aswell, but that was just on looks as i cant find a review anywhere. no one sells it in NSW so its not very likely because id like to try it before i spend that much money on it

that BB king lucile guitar looks pretty nice, i havent seen that before. ill check later whether anyone sells in in my area