Hey, i found this band on a blog i've been reading religiously since i've found it and they featured Mono in VCF lately and i took it upon myself to contact them for a show i'm having in the spring to hopefully come cross country and play.

Well, they're labelless and on the verge of finishing their new album and i hate to be the type to sign up then do this because it does seem like i only signed up for this (i've lurked quite a bit though) but i promise i'm doing this out of personal love for the band, but does anyone know blogs that would like to feature them or maybe even labels that would fit their sound?

Also, possibly record shops who could help em out and sell records.

I'm just a fan, but i want to help these guys.
would you guys be more interested if i said they were handpicked by jarvis cocker to open for him in seattle?