I am looking at buying an ESP/LTD m-200FM and a Kahler Hybrid 7300 bridge to fit to it. I know that because the M-200 has a floyd-rose, some filling of the cavity left behind by the floyd will need to be filled and some paint touch ups be required. I just want to know what will be used for the filling and how will the person fitting the bridge be able to make it look like their was no cavity there before, because the M-200 has a flamed maple top.

not that i know anything but buy some flamed maple that matchs the groves of the other flame maple and glue it in there
but thats just my opinion
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It's basically physically impossible to match flamed maple- you may get close, but you'll never match it perfectly. And if you're interested, Kahler does make plates that fit around the Kahler to cover the old FR route.

And for cavity filling, large blocks of wood work well.
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Thanks. I'm not doing it myslef. And tubab0y I've heard about those plates but I don't want my guitar to look stupid but thanks anyway.