Hey Gice

Im recording a new track and I need some advice on vocals and mixing. This is a rough demo of the first part of my new song, and I'd really appreciate any feedback. I'm struggling hard with the vocals (going for a Jack Black/Danko Jones-ish sound), so has anyone of you any tips on this?

TIA (no, not This Is Africa. Thanks in advance) for listening and critizising.


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wow, for the type of the music u were playing your voice is perfect. it sounded almost like a professional did this. it was very punk. keep it up man. crit mine link is in my sig under recordings
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thanks for the crit. very good quality, i liked the whole feel to it, nice and punk. very cool and groovin riff, good vocals too! they fit perfect, very unique. but it did get old how it did repeat the riff over and over, i guess your expanding on it, if not, you defenitly should. i liked when you sang the melody though, that was cool. overall cool stuff, expand on it.
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

This was really cool and unique. The vocals dominate the song, and they fit perfectly. My only complaint about them was one of the "deee deee doo's" was a little too off key which kinda made the rest of them annoying just because they had a bad taste from that one.. I liked them at first, maybe they just went on too long for me.

Great production though. If that was a drum program, what are you using? They sounded amazing. I'd like to see which direction you take this song in next.
Ive heard it a few times, so lets get on to the longest crit you might ever see lol:

The production quality is very good. Did you do this in the studio? Sounds like it..

Dude I dont know why you are worrying about the vocals. They are awesome. I love the little scratchy bite that they have to it. Also the slight distortion adds a nice cruncy tone to it. The chorus (hoter then the surface part) is also nice and catchy

The ay ay ay really fit the mood of the song, lol like a bam in your face going crazy kind of thing.

As for the music, i understand what some people mean my the repetitveness. Its not that big of a problem since the vocals are so dominent, (it has a big white stripes influence to it) but maybe you can interject some lead guitar riffs. For instance i can see a short quick mini riff (think with bends) part being put in right after the first chorus.

By the way what was that instrument at the end? I didnt like its tone, it sounded a bit whiney and annoying. Also you can think about trying a differerent melody instead of copying the same thing as from the chorus, maybe that will add more varity to it?

Hope my comment helps and can give you some ideas. I really enjoyed the piece and would love to see the final version and how it turns out.

Also I know you alredi left a crit for one of our threads, but if you have time and want to check out another one of my threads, it will be awesome and I will be highly apreciative


You dont have to, but I think you might like the song. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for listening and taking the time to give reviews guys!

In response to questions:

I'm currently expanding it, because 1.5 minutes is a bit short a song. ;-)
The Kazoo solo (that annoying instrument hehe) is out of tune, that's true. I'l probably rerecord that part and slightly change the melody.

Drums are made with "Addictive Drums", an awesome VST plugin.

I didn't do this in a studio, all at home. Trusty 'ol Tonelab SE for guitar and Bass, SM57 for Vox, an Edirol FA-101 for capturing and various recording programs to mix and master.
Thanks for the crit!

When I listened your piece I was really surprised by the quality. It sounded very professional so well done with that. It's really well produced and the mix is about perfect. Good job. The guitar playing was excellent - as were the drums and vocals. I couldn't hear any mistakes. The overall structure was fine and your riffs were great. There was a lot of energy in the piece and this was emphasised through the jagged riffs which, along with the harsh vocals, also makes the melody much more infectious.

Now onto what I didn't like...well, there's not really much to criticise! I don't know why you were worried about the vocals. They were great, IMO. They had a really nice 'bite' to them which was complimented by your guitar tone. The kazoo solo at the end was really cool. If it was me I'd repeat the chorus after this. That's about it.

Great work!
I like the vocals your accent makes a lot better, the guitar was solid but a little punk rock which is okay but im not a punk fan, I thought the solo thing was pretty unique is it a kazoo? overall a great song man I really like it.

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Thx for listening, yes it's a kazoo. I stole the accent, partly from Dick Valentine, partly from D. Jones.
whoa dude, this is pretty cool, i like your vocals a lot! kinda like a more tame version of the singer from Lordi. effin awesome. you have an accent? scandinavian maybe? it adds a lot of personality to it as well. the kazoo solo was cool man! keep it! great production as well. sounds VERY good. very mid ranged focused (which is makes up 90% of what we hear...) so it is really punchy. stellar work man! seventeen thumbs up!
Well, this sounds pretty much awesome. Straight my alley as far as style goes, and I love your voice for it.
All i'd say is adding some more bass to the drum mix.
Overall, this is just fun! The kazoo is amazing, your accent is awesome, and the song is fun, upbeat and catchy.
Good job!
crit back?
the quality is pretty good...some heavy-as-shit bass and that def goes for the kazoo as well haha. the only thing i'd say is that the vox "sit above" the rest of the instruments a bit...maybe you could add just a tiny bit of reverb, either to the vox or the master track, to bring it into the rest of the mix. the lyrics are about as good as they'll get for this type of song, which i'd say is an (alternative) party-rocker type of song, so not bad. overall, pretty fun piece.

could you check mine out? folky-rockish piece with ukulele, guitar, violin, and piano...
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I have to download "Quicktime Plugin" , lol..

I never listen to this kind of music but I have to admit, that was so catchy, lol.. It felt like I was watching a movie regarding California teens, surfing etc.. Except the funny things you did with your voices, that kinda ruined it..
The vocals and the music overall was very catchy and interesting..

That was very short ..
I want more, I want a breakdown, I want 2-3 voices, chorus, etc..

as I said, I never listen to this kind of music but the tune was catchy, you can definitely make this tune great..

Good job.
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That sounds really good. Are you from Germany? I think the accent in your singing adds an interesting element to the song. A few suggestions:

Possibly double that vocal solo with guitar, some of the vocals probably should have been done separately as backing vocals (especially the falsetto la's, maybe you could do a harmony part with them), and one more thing is that the really low vocal parts didn't quite work.

Otherwise a pretty professional sonding mix and quite a good song.

Here's mine, if you're interested