Hey UG,

Having slight problems with my rhythm distortion tone. I play in a hard rock band (similarities to Thrice without the screaming, Metallica, etc). I have a Schecter armed with a Bareknuckle Miracle Man and an ENGL S-1 Elite. I like the tone, but find the bass frequencies lacking. I love a nice chugging sound for palm-muting that should feel like a punch in the chest (which I believe is obtained through the bass frequencies? Correct me if I'm wrong...)

However the amp doesn't have the bass response to do this for me, and I find I have to crank the gain to get it, which I don't wanna do.

Would an EQ solve this?

Schecter S-1 Elite
Bareknuckle Miracle Man/Cold Sweat
ENGL Screamer
Digitech Bad Monkey
Boss DD-3
EHX Small Stone
EHX Small Clone
It's more lower mids than bass but yes, an EQ pedal will do the trick.
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