Ok well im selling my morley tremonti wah pedal on ebay hope it sells, last day on auction


Anyway i got my heart set on a fulltone clyde, and i live in the UK. And unless anyones selling one, im gona have to import from the US, and its gona be a bout £150 by the time ive finsihed. So should i do this or should i just settle for a v847
I'd take the ebay link down.

And the clyde is going to be far superior to the vox.
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clyde. unless you've played the vox and are absolutely certain that you wont wanna upgrade to a clyde or RMC.
ok good good, and do you think i priced it right? And is anyone selling a clyde
They're around £170 in the UK, andertons.co.uk.

I got my Clyde Deluxe from there, great service, got it fast.
And they'll price match too if you find anything cheaper.
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well thanks alot R_H_C_P have you got the standard or the deluxe? And are they as good as they sound in the clips above? And will they cope well with distortion, and whats the battery life, or should i use an adapter
I dont have any but there are a few on some websites.

I've got the Deluxe, it's perfect. If you're looking for perfection, get it. But! You've gotta have an already good rig to get a good sound, you won't get a great wah tone with a bad tone. Wah's don't magically fix things, bla bla bla.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
yeah i know i got an MG at the moment and i know they suck, but i am soon upgrading to a laney vc-30 212 so it should be sweet. And i saw one on ebay for £73 but 5 days to go
im getting my fulltone clyde std. in a few weeks hehe its gonna be ricken awsome!

and also, Ultimate wah thread is really good for these kind of questions.
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yeah i looked on there but i prefer personal advice compared to reviews,

Anyway i know im proberly not meant to do this but please dont ban me mod, but anyone interested in buying my morley tremonti?