Okay, I'll crit as I listen.

Really nice mellow introduction. I think your chord choice was quite apt to the mood you were trying to create. Is that played on a synth or is just an electric guitar with delay with the wah in the down position to create the tone? The next bit with the wah wah and delay is pretty cool. I'd personally continue the chords of the intro throughout this section, layering guitar tracks.

The idea of strumming was quite effective at building up to a climax however it seemed out of time with the delay to begin with. I like how you built up to a climax and then contrasted it with the mellow guitar line. Good idea to repeat and not just make something that is straight composed. I think you need a clearer outro as it seemed like it didn’t end.

Overall, good stuff. It kept my interest throughout however I think you need to consider the overall structure of the piece as it's a bit samey. I expected a huge crescendo after the repeat as it seemed like that's where the piece was heading. Maybe introduce some drums which, if used effectively, will heighten the climax of the sections.

Good work.

Oh, and mind critting my piece?