ok so i was thinking about get a half sleeve tattoo on my arm. im not sure how to go about thinking of design for it. sleeves are hader to design than just a normal tattoo on another part of the body. what i was thinking was just think of 3 or 4 designs of what i want and ask them to design the tattoo and incorporate all my ideas into it and see what they can come up with. is this a good way? or what would be a better way?
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ive got four tattos, that is a good way but it depends you have to go to a professional i mean a proper tattoosist to get that done! and if you dont like it they sort of get pissed off! you have to really know what you want!
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i know but i was watching Miami Ink and i see them just draw up designs for people all the time and i think they could do a really cool design if i just give them a few ideas and they turn it into a sleeve. i love the idea of it. i just want them to draw up a design or two.
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find a good artist that knows what thier doing and is easy to work with. ask to see samples of their origonal splash, see what they are caplable of. then talk to them about getting your ideas done.
well do it your way, comeup with 3-5 ideas for a sleeve, then just tell them you want a half sleeve and had 3-5 ideas and then ask the tattoo artist what they think is best, i mean they do it for a living
my cousin says most tattoo artists are real cool guys, and try to do thier best to get the closet to what you want, so just ask, theyll help you out
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Another question I have was could anyone estimate how much it would cost to get a tattoo of angel wings the entire size of my back. no color. just black.
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itll be funny when your like 80 in a retirement home with all your tatoos

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Still haven't decided on a tattoo myself. Visited a few parlors, but haven't seen anything that closely resembles what I have in mind. Unfortunately, I can't draw, so I'm stuck looking for examples.
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Saw a tattoo of a bullet hole on a guy's neck the other day, was pretty awesome. Also a guy shaved his head bald and got "oh my golly gosh" in dutch
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This excludes almost ALL artists you find on your average street corner shop and body mod shops....go check out a ton of shops and see if they have pics of some of the real good work they have done, they should. Also, artists don't charge by the complexity/amount, they charge by the hour. Usually about $100 an hour if youre doing custom stuff, not that pre-drawn BS. Hope that helps.

hope that helps.
Make sure you have a back up plan if your idea for some reason just wont work. Also if the artist gives you an idea that you are even the slightest bit hesitant of, do not do it! Make sure you are 100% happy with everything.