FS : Has To Go! Ram, Vcards, PSU...*even an amp head*
Alright, I recently just bought a new amp and I need some money quick so this is priced to move out quick. All prices are with shipping. I have no problem negotiating or doing combo deals.

I will include pics upon request and have no hesitation PM'n me as I check my messages a few times a day.

1.- NZXT 400W Power Supply. Used it once to see if it works and then switched it to my Ultra PSU. So its Brand New! $20 OBO

2. - Dell Dimension 8200 PSU 250 watt. Again Perfect Working Order
$16 OBO

3. - nVidia g-force 2mx Card. Old card but I know some people want these for simple not so task worthy pc's. $15 OBO

4. - 1 Aspire Blue "Brushless Fan" 120mm. Used it for a few days and decided to do water cooling. $5 or will throw it in if you buy anything else for $1

5. - ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 256 mb. Same as above..decided to water cool. It runs Source and BF smoothly. $50 obo **With Box**

6. - Pentium 4 1.8ghz processor. I ran this with the 9800 and as stated ran all games fine. Socket 478 I believe $40 OBO

7. - 2x128mb Samsung RDRAM. I'm not sure how much these go for so I'll say $25 OBO

8. - Certified DELL Memory (will run with 8200) 2x128mb. Also $25 OBO If you get all four RDRAM stick I'll make it $40

9. - OCZ Gaming RAM PC 3200 2x512mb Platinum Edition. Great performance and overclocking capabilities. 1gb Total for $80 OBO

10 . - Woven 18' Guitar Cables in varying colors. Will let them go for $12 OBO, 2 for $20, 3 for $30

11. - Because I just got a new Head I will be letting this one go. Its a Crate Gx-900H Excalibur Edition 90 watt head. I don't like Crates but this one was produced before they went down the crapshoot. Depending on your location shipping will vary. I myself need at least $175 cash + shipping

12. - I have 2 of these. I'm keeping one for myself. In all honesty I think this is one of the top Distortion pedals on the market right now. Electro Harmonix Metal Muff WITH top boost. $75 OBO

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Pics of the amp head?
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What's the voltage of the fan?
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Will post pics of the head and check the voltage as soon as I get back from the gym today.
The fan is a 12 volt and I took pics of the head but OUT OF NOWHERE something is wrong with my digi. It works fine but the usb connection won't work to transfer pics. Im going to try to figure it out.

But lay rest assured, the head is in great condition, just a little dusty since I havnt used it in a while.

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