I dunno about you guys, but I have a lot more trouble getting a clear, strong sound from my guitar with pull-offs than hammer-ons. I watched some video on youtube.com by this british guy, justin sandercoe, and he actually called them "flick-offs" instead. He said that he likes the name b/c it's more accurate, in that it actually describes the motion of doing a pull-off.

Is there something to this? What exactly is the technique you use to do a really good, clear pull-off? Cuz I've tried just lifting my finger really quick, and that ain't workin lol

Well, you don't just lift your finger off the string. You almost have to like pluck the string with the finger your pulling off (ie. flick it). I usually pull my finger off at say a 45 degree angle away from the string. It just takes some practice and you'll get it down.

Btw, Justin Sandercoe is awesome. His lessons are great and helped me a lot!
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just a guide, don't try to rush your pull off, leave your fingers in position for the pull off, then just pluck the note you're pulling off from (IE the higher note) then quickly, but deliberatly pull your finger off the fretboard
flick your finger away from you (towards the thinner strings) but try not to hit any other strings
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but try not to hit any other strings
This is probably the most important part you need to practise.

The main motion is simple: as others have said (and as justin says in his videos), you have to basically re-pluck the string with the finger that is pulling-off/flicking-off. You can't just lift your finger up quickly (though that can sometimes generate a sound, it's never good enough).

The main problem is, making sure when you pull-off from any string other than the high E, that you don't hit strings below your finger. You should practise getting the angle right so you don't hit the other strings; it's hellishly embarrassing to be playing a riff or solo perfectly only to screw it up because your finger hit another string during a pull-off and so you got a loud open string ringing out.
More than anything, practise not hitting other strings.