I'm in a pinch here... After looking at several different Multi-Effect units, I've been able to narrow it down to two units: GT-8 and XTL. I can no longer make my decision and I give my fellow Ultimate-Guitar users to select one for me. These two units are both excellent!! Its like picking between chocolate ice-cream with vanilla top, or vanilla ice-cream with chocolate top! There's no answer!!! I play my guitar 3 times a week, and I'm currently in a band (preforming in Aug~ est.300ppl) and play at church every week. I have a Schecter C-1 Classic, Digitech RP300 and Fender FM212R (Probably should get a new amp soon too). Please help me make my decision thanks!

Boss GT-8
44 effects types including synth waves, sitar, and acoustic sounds
Up to 13 effects simultaneously
200 preset patches
140 user patches
Seamless program change
Fully programmable signal routing
Dual-engine COSM amp modeling
46 amp models
30 OD/DS models
Solo switch for each amp model
Layering/blending/panning of 2 amp models
Dynamic sensing mode for channel switching and control of effect parameters by varying pick attack
Effects loop
15 knobs
Jog wheel
26 finger buttons
7 foot buttons
Expression pedal
Stereo analog outs
24-bit coaxial digital out
Amp control jack
External expression pedal input
Headphone out

Rugged steel construction
11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches
Built-in wah/volume/tweak pedal
84 pro-quality stompbox and studio effects
36 amp models
24 cab models
4 mic models
Award-winning technology and sounds from the Vetta II amp
128 programmable channels
Variax digital input
USB digital I/O
Line 6 Edit software for computer editing and direct digital recording
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well i have a line 6 and its AMAZING for everything. i dont now if you can get tones online with the GT-8 (which i thoroughly considered getting) but that's definitely a plus for the POD.

now that i look back on my decision, id rather have the Boss. probably because ive had the POD for almost a year, but i really want an acoustic sound, a sitar sound, and some decent synths. pod synths are HORRIFIC at trakcing for my guitar at least. if i were you id go for the Boss. reliable older company, acoustic and sitar effects, and you dont have to pay like 50 bucks for extra model packs, you get it all there in the first place.

but i still like my POD a bunch, i have my perfect distortion sounds for everything, i just tweak it easily thru hooking it up with the computer. but yeah dont listen to people who say they sound too digital, the POD doesnt sound as good as the Boss i think, but its still really smooth if you hav ethe right settings, and the ease of use way overrides the "lack of tone" which is not ture, they have as much tone as you want

but id go for the Boss just because it seems to have more amazing stuff and sounds better.

end essay.
Good choice.
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This doesn't really contribute much... but the thread title made me laugh. Line 7 lol.

@nxtvanhalen if you have a variax, you can get acoustic and sitar tones anyway, and when you connect it via the digital input you can use the pod XT live to change the patch on the variax. Just letting you know really lol... Useful, pity my band has it a bit screwed up - i have the variax, and the other guitarists main amp is a XT live but he will only play an Ibanez.
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ok i think i saw the little video deal for that on the line 6 site back when i was researching it, sinc ei remember him using a nice sounding acoustic effect, thinking it wouldbe on there, but i dot really want to pay more money for the variax. or do i? i mean come to think of it theres banjo effects on there, and although its pretty expensive i could go for that transparent golden yelllow one with the tremelo...

Boss is the ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC BOSS! xP Boss has more stuff, go for it. I also noticed Boss' pedals sound more tubed than any other pedal[unless it has tubes in it!].
Well, not exactly.

You can dial in quite a bit of "warmth" using the tone modifier effect. This really rounds up the tone quite nicely. Be aware, once you use it, you'll use it on every patch you make.
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This doesn't really contribute much... but the thread title made me laugh. Line 7 lol.

Line 6~~~ I never realized it until you mentioned it XD

As for my decision, this forum was just to see which people preferred~
MY decision didn't come from this forum. Instead, I used it as a ...
'secondary opinion' type of thing??