Hey everybody! Here is a short movie my friends and I made called "The Frenchman." Please go watch it, for me. It's funny and only two minutes long, so if you don't like it, you won't have wasted much time. But you'll like it. I promise.

(I'm the Frenchman, if you were curious what I look like.)

v There's the link.

The Frenchman
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i really did not get the humor in that, but im just 14 so maybe its an older people thing
^ You'll get it... some day

That was awesome. Very legit.
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Didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
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There wasn't any music in it, the title font was bad, the humor was.. not so humorous, the scenes were drawn out, especially the close up of the stabbers face and then eyes.

Over all, it was OK at best.
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Thanks to everyone who liked it for liking it. Thanks to everyone who didn't like it for watching it anyway.

And feedthenight, I hereby present you with One Minute and Forty-Five Seconds, courtesy of Lobsterdance Productions.
Can't stop the signal.
I really enjoyed that. I like short little vignettes like that. I've written a few, but I've yet to shoot any.
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